Change one thing and you change everything #lyricmarketingtips
Lyric’s Marketing Tip #31: Change One Thing and You Change Everything
September 4, 2014
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October 28, 2014
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #34: 10 Ways to Double Your Marketing Exposure

10 ways to double your marketing exposure #lyricmarketingtips

In today’s connected business world, I am all about getting the maximum mileage out of my marketing efforts. In this weeks tip I want to share 10 ways you can double your marketing exposure so that you can grow your business and develop raving fans.

When you learn to leverage your networks and other suitable resources, you will gain more potential viewers on every marketing piece that you send out. Whether it’s a direct mail postcard or a social media post, when you use all your resources together to amplify your message, you will not only increase the number of viewers you have, but you will also attract more followers and friends into your social networks.  Broadcasting your message across all your networks will help to create awareness about your business and garner preference by building and deepening your business relationships.  This is the first step toward developing raving fans and clients for life.

When planning your marketing, think: How do I increase the audience and viewers of this particular marketing piece?  Where can the viewer go to get more information about the subject?  Can I share this message/article with other like-minded bloggers or industry people? When you construct your message for a specific medium (a Facebook post or an email), think in context of the audience that you are speaking to, the network personality.  Always be sure to include a link back to your website, information, or landing page.

Let’s look at 10 ways you can expand your marketing message – here we go!

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #34:
10 Ways to Double Your Marketing Exposure

  1. When you write a blog post, blast it out across your social networks, be sure to include a photo directly in the post, and always include a link to the original article URL
  2. When you update your website with new information, i.e., a media report or a new content article, syndicate the message to your LinkedIn page and other social networks, then follow-up with an email to your database announcing the new information
  3. When posting photos on your Facebook Page, share them on Pinterest on an appropriate board, be sure to include the URL to the original photo post or your website
  4. When you post an Instagram message and image, set up your mobile app so that you can share it out to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and  photo sharing networks at the same time
  5. When you send a postcard or newsletter out to your market area, include a call to action with a URL where they can go and download additional information, then use this same message and image(s) to push out over your social media networks
  6. When you send out an email blast, be sure to include a “Forward” link so your readers can pass it on to their friends, include social links as well so they can share your message out to their networks
  7. When you send out your monthly newsletter, be sure to include a product or information offering that gives them something free if they subscribe to your newsletter – and don’t forget to add the “Forward to a Friend” button and social sharing buttons
  8. When you post a tweet on Twitter, always be sure to include a relevant #hashtag.  A #hashtag will be seen not only by all your followers but anyone who follows the hashtag as well.  Be sure to link back to your website or landing page. If the content is not yours, give credit but be sure to include a link to your site for “additional information”
  9. When you create a blog post be sure it is also hosted on your main website. You may consider creating a unique URL for that section of your website so that you can promote it on it’s own, this will create a traffic flow.  Send the blog post to a news syndication site where your article can be found by other networks, and share your post with other like-minded bloggers
  10. When you send a personal letter or communication out to your “A” list, ask them to visit your Google+ page and write a review on your services.  Use these reviews to share out over your social media networks.

REMEMBER:  Your audience is like a passing parade – you have to catch them where they are!

The idea is to have a strategic marketing plan that connects all the marketing dots. Your target audience is a passing parade; they are on the move so you have to catch them where they are.  You must be where they are and they must be able to find you easily.  What they “see” on your website should be consistent with the rest of your marketing they will find online and offline.

If you practice doubling up your exposure for every message – consistently, it will not only be viewed by your targeted audience, but will potentially be seen by thousands of other people in the combined networks as well as the networks of your friends and their friends and their friends. This is where great content that is compelling and interesting can turn your marketing efforts into pure gold.

If you would like more information on how to strategically set up your content marketing plan for your business, select the networks it will run on, create and curate interesting content, and the tools needed to run a content campaign, contact me for a free consultation. You can reach me directly at or 214-208-3987.

Happy Marketing!


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