November 29, 2010

Write a successful marketing plan

Now is the time to get off the “marketing” fence and put your marketing into gear. How can your business take off if you are not geared up and in “drive”? Now is the time to put social media, the Internet, and a distinctive message to work for you.
October 11, 2010

Diversity in Marketing is Queen!

In this day and time, in our businesses we are all looking for “the one thing”. That one tool or product that will get our marketing done, bring us prospects, make the sale, clean our house, make us happy….I could go on.
September 17, 2010

Top 5 methods to build your marketing legacy

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" ...Maya Angelou How will people remember you? Building a legacy of your own requires your attention to the details that tender service, love of people, and authenticity.
September 16, 2010

Going GREEN in your Marketing

Going GREEN in your Marketing is more than not wasting paper! It’s about using the resources that are available that saves you time and money. It’s using online systems.
September 2, 2010

The Building Blocks of Social Media for Business

Where do you start? That’s the question I get often when I’m asked how to help a company market using social media tools. The people who contact me are smart. They tell me things like, “Yeah, they said we should start with a blog, and we said, ‘like the blog we already have?’”
June 12, 2010

Top 10 PRACTICAL Reasons I use Twitter in my Marketing Plan

Not to mention just the fun of trolling through the virtual "Twitter lounge" and hearing a variety of conversations, I really do have a method to my madness in using Twitter. It may be a trend, it my be a surge in pop-culture distraction that will wane, it may be the real thing, and it might just be getting us all ready for the next GOOGLE WAVE, but Twitter has my attention at this moment.
April 19, 2010

7 ways to create saleability

One thing is for certain in today's business climate, when there is no demand for your services, there is no business. Creating the need then becomes one of the primary focuses for any business development professional.