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April 19, 2010
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Top 10 PRACTICAL Reasons I use Twitter in my Marketing Plan

Not to mention just the fun of trolling through the virtual “Twitter lounge” and hearing a variety of conversations, I really do have a method to my madness in using Twitter.  It may be a trend, it my be a surge in pop-culture distraction that will wane, it may be the real thing, and it might just be getting us all ready for the next GOOGLE WAVE, but Twitter has my attention at this moment.  Here are my top reasons why I use Twitter, yours may be different and if so, I would like to have you list your top reasons why you use Twitter.

Using Twitter in your overall marketing strategy is smart, but remember, you have to have an overall marketing strategy first for you to get the benefit of it.  And don’t be fooled – fooling around with Twitter for real takes a commitment of time and preparing content and doing your research.

Here are my top reasons, comment back with your top reasons why you use Twitter:

Top 10 PRACTICAL Reasons I use Twitter in my Marketing Plan:

  • Create a niche marketing channel
  • Leverage my Facebook page and other social networking accounts
  • Share useful info establish myself as a GO TO person in my field
  • Direct traffic to my website
  • Communicate a message to many people at the same time
  • Direct traffic to my blog
  • Establish an online following
  • Learn what my competitor is doing
  • Learn more about my industry
  • Establish myself as a go-to person in my field


  1. Brenda Kunz says:

    Sandy, Thanks for these valuable tips. I think many of us are trying to figure out the practicality of using a social media tool like Twitter. Your top 10 list provides some guidance that many of our associates can utilize to achieve success. Thank you!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great tips! Twitter can be a powerful channel to get your message across. It should definitely be a piece of a company’s marketing puzzle!

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