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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #9: Save Time with a Social Media Strategy

wasting time on social media Lyric's Marketing Tips

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #9: Save Time with a Social Media Strategy

Scared of blowing all your time on the social media machine? You want to avoid wasted time when posting in social media and make the most of your efforts, right?  Of course! Here is a simple tip on handling your time:  When setting your time schedule for your social media posts, decide how much time you have to devote to this marketing activity and then divide your time into thirds: 1 – Creation of the content;  2 – Observation of what your network is saying, their needs, their likes, and listen!   3 – Participation in other outlets, comment, share, be a guest blogger.  Set a day and a time in your schedule to handle your social media and stick to it.  If you build it, they will come!

Download my Social Media Strategy PDF and get the basics on how to create a strategy that will put an end to wasted time!

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