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August 21, 2013
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #33: Simplify Your Mobile Strategy

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #33: Simplify Your Mobile Strategy

After topping $10 billion in sales in the first half of 2013, new survey data from ComScore puts mobile commerce over $25 billion by the end of the year. A mobile strategy can seem daunting to small and large companies a like but there’s no denying the importance of incorporating mobility in your 2013-2014 marketing plan. Whether you are a solo service provider or a retail store, you need to be accessible via mobile.  Take a look at the list of actions below that you will need to use in building a dynamic mobile strategy:

  • Assess your needs: evaluate your operation and how you can integrate mobile effectively
  • Get clarity – are you a service business, do you have a product? who are you speaking to, what are the needs of your target audience and how can mobility speak to them
  • What are the drivers of your business?
  • What are the opportunities in your market?
  • Develop your approach
  • Direction Setting
    • Step 1 – Refine your Vision
    • Step 2 – Ideation, Assessment, Visualization
    • Step 3 – Roadmap & Next Steps


For more information on this subject we recommend Creating a Mobile Strategy in 1-Week

Image Source: Mashable

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