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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #26: Silence is Not Always Golden!

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #26: Silence is Not Always Golden!

Golden Corral’s recent PR disaster is another reminder that you can’t hide in today’s tech savvy world. From YouTube to Facebook, Twitter to Reddit, your worst day can quickly turn into water cooler chatter to millions of users online. Whether an employee sheds some negative light on your brand or a well intended, “thought out” campaign turns sour, always remember one very important tip; engage, engage, engage!!

When Domino’s tried to handle their PR snafu under the radar instead of addressing it directly with their customer base they saw a temporary drop in quality and buzz ratings. The dreaded McDonald’s Twitter campaign gone wrong was the result of vague hashtags and limited communication when the Twittersphere had a hay day with #MCDStories.

So always remember one thing, when negative press is sprayed online about your company face it head on, engage with your customers. They’re certainly engaging with other about your brand. Hiding will only increase the chatter and decrease brand loyalty!

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