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April 9, 2014
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #15 for 2014: Should You Use Instagram in Your Marketing?

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#LyricMarketingTips #15 for 2014: Should you use Instagram in your marketing?

With over 200 million active monthly users, sharing an average of 60 million photos every day that receive 1.6 billion LIKES – every day, I definitely think you should consider using Instagram to tell your marketing story!

Here are some tips/information about how to successfully bring Instagram into your marketing mix:

  • Instagram was recently purchased by Facebook, making it the web’s dominant image sharing site.
  • Think about image sharing as part of your content marketing strategy.
  • Post images that accompany your content with a link to the piece, this way your picture-sharing directs the user back to for content.
  • Share unique behind-the-scenes and personal content, this gives your content an exclusivity factor.
  • Tying your promotions to images with a call for action will help with engagement and conversions.
  • Ask your followers for pictures that represent your brand and reward the best contributor with recognition.
  • Offer high-quality peripheral content, if it’s interesting, it’s worth sharing.
  • Do you use video in your marketing? Instagram now offers easy syndication of short videos.
  • Post visually stimulating pictures of your brand in action, reinforcing your brand and services.
  • Be sure to use #hashtags  for better visibility and trending opportunities.

When building a strategy that uses photos to tell your compelling story, be sure to be creative and take pictures that are colorful, well lit and have a sense of humor – have fun! Below are a few photos that have had great success in driving traffic to various blog posts I have written.

Lyric Marketing Tip 15

This popular image used in a blog post on Lyric Marketing drove traffic to the website and increased engagement.

lyric marketing tip 15

This image has been wildly successful and continues to drive traffic to the SaturdaySoul blog post that  was published over a year ago!

lyric marketing tip 15

The lovers image was interesting and perfect for the February Hot List, one of the most viewed posts of the last 18 months.

#lyricmarketingtips 15

Another post that got excellent traffic off the photo




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