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March 15, 2014
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March 27, 2014
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #11 for 2014: How to Use Tumblr to Expand Your Reach

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Years ago, it was hard to imagine conducting business without a telephone. Today, it’s hard to imagine doing it without social media. It has become the primary tool used for promoting any type of service, product or cause. Regardless of what industry you are in, your business can benefit from social media marketing. Do you need help with it? We have a great social media management program that works for every budget. Contact Lyric Marketing and let us explain how we can elevate your business message using social media.

That brings us to the tip of the week that focuses on how to use an online network to further your reach – specifically, a great little blogger site that is gaining more and more attention – Tumblr.

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #11 for 2014:
How to Use Tumblr to Expand Your Reach

You have probably heard of Tumblr, the social media platform recently purchased by Yahoo. Tumblr, known for its use of multimedia and imagery in a micro blogging format, reported hosting 125 million blogs in July 2013. Let’s look at how to make Tumblr work for you.

Use key search words that you have developed for your business and tag your content with them. This will increase searchability. Include descriptive tags on each piece of content to give your page much stronger visibility.

Snag an eye-catching quote from a popular post on your blog or website, include the link and tags, and share the preview.  Add photos to offer a preview of your content before the viewer makes the jump.

Participate and interact by using these features to share content from other Tumblr users. That way, you reduce some of the burden of content creation while still getting the attention of influencers. Interacting and commenting on other pages will also create relationships that may result in more people sharing your original content.

This is very important: Be sure to attach a link to your Tumblr on every piece of content you post. If your content goes viral, users can easily trace it back to your page. Without that link, your content may spiral off, and no one will know where it came from, you get no credit!

Make sure your content fits a tight niche to help you dominate search results and focus in on the top ways your audience finds you.


  • Create a well designed, branded page
  • Focus on how your organization/industry spurs innovation
  • Tell stories with images
  • Take a curatorial approach
  • Reblog often and establish relationships reducing the burden of content creation
  • Include a handful of tags on each post to get more search visibility, drawing in more visitors and notes

You have the opportunity to include many social channels in your marketing.  So yes, create an identity in each one, and decide what you will actually be doing on each channel. Apply resources and be consistent!

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