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May 28, 2014
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Is There Really Internet Marketing Magic?

Now that I have your attention, there is no such thing as Internet marketing magic, sorry. The “MAGIC”, if you want to call it that, happens through a well executed marketing plan that includes a great website and even greater content, SEO, and a powerfully REAL message that means something to your audience. The catalyst that makes it work? Consistency. If you throw something lame out there once, don’t expect anything. Ali Brown said that “consistency out pulls content” and I believer her! Why else would so much crap sell? My secret? SMCP – systems, marketing/message, consistency, and never forgetting that this (your business, your program, your market) is still all about people! You can’t do it all so you must have a system in place to get it done. You have to market. duh! (How else is anyone going to know about you?) Your message must be crafted for your audience and mean something to them, it has to get their attention. Be consistent, find a plan and work it! And in it all lace it with the human element of customer service, sincerity and meaning and of course a product that does what it promises!!

Go make some magic!

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