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3 Ways to Leverage the Internet in Your Personal Marketing


Today there are more options for marketing your business than ever before.  This age of connectivity has also brought with it the age of confusion for some who are overwhelmed with all the choices.  But don’t let it get the best of you.  If you will choose three things to CHANGE in your marketing, or three things to START in your marketing, you can come out a winner.

Now, there are more than three ways to leverage the Internet in your personal marketing, but for simplicity sake, I am going to cover the three things that I feel are important enough to put at the top of your marketing list.  Are you ready?  And remember, that any marketing initiative must follow a well thought out plan and assessment of your time, imagination and budget

3 Ways to Leverage the Internet in Your Personal Marketing

  • Be realistic about your time constraints and the amount of time you can commit to for carrying out the marketing plan
  • Your marketing carries YOUR message, you are only limited by your imagination and the ideas and information you are able to produce
  • Money is a key factor, how much can you spend?  How often do you need to spend it? How much are you willing to invest in your future NOW is the first step in planning your marketing

You know I always say “the Internet is a brew-pot of potential” and those willing to work it will no doubt see an increase in business activity, exposure, and loyalty.  By developing relationships and providing informational content to your growing sphere of influence, you are able to reach into the lives of your potential clients and make a difference!  There are three ways I see this happening, and they all fit together like the internal workings of a heirloom timepiece:

  • A custom eNewsletter
  • A personal Blog
  • A Facebook account

A custom eNewsletter provides regular updates and information about you, your business and your industry to a targeted list.

A personal blog pushes out the articles from your eNewsletter to a wider audience, creating an online presence and setting you up as an “information guru”.

A carefully worked Facebook page engages the people you know and creates “fans” of your business by providing them with great content that will further engrave you and your business into their minds.

See how it all works together?  This is the beauty of connectivity on the Internet!  If your goal is to grow your business, increase your leads, and convert them into paying clients, leveraging the Internet will help you get there.  It does take a time commitment, and there will be a learning curve for many, but the benefits will outweigh the cost and you will be setting yourself and your business up for future success.

Love and peace!



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