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June 1, 2014
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Is your team helping you or hurting you?
June 20, 2014
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What Marketing Tool is Most Effective for Your Business?

What Marketing Tool is Most Effective for Your Business?

Any marketing that you do must be fueled by a strategic plan and performed consistently.”

I was having lunch with a colleague today and as we were talking about marketing and the many options that are widely available today, it dawned on me how ineffective they are because they simply are not being used.  Case in point: I have been at my current residence for over five years and although I have worked with many companies and entrepreneurs for over 14 years I do NOT receive any marketing on a consistent basis in my mail box – from anyone!  At least not enough for me to remember them.  I have had the same email address for over 14 years and still I can count on one hand the number of marketing emails I receive from businesses I know – small businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs included.  My point is that even though marketing tools are overwhelmingly available and easy to use, there is still a lack of really good marketing out there.  A few years ago I designed what I think is one of the best content marketing programs in the market.  When the client used it as designed in a strategic plan, their leads were up and they were out-selling the competition.  Then they decided to simplify and go all-tech. They went down the road of social media only.  Do you think that move worked for them? I would think not.  Instead of getting their message out to thousands, even tens of thousands of interested prospects via direct mail, social media, email and print, they narrowed their audience to Facebook and left their marketing up to busy sales people.  By the way, did you know that Facebook only serves up your posts to the top percentage of your followers you engage with?  Your posts are NOT seen by everyone who follows you – not even!

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #22: What Marketing Tool is Most Effective for Your Business?

In this week’s tip, I ask you, what marketing tool is most effective for your business?  My answer? The best marketing for your business is any marketing done consistently and within a diversified strategic plan.

The problem with marketing is not in knowing WHAT to do, but in the IMPLEMENTATION of it and having the time and the tools to make it happen consistently.  I know business owners who have invested thousands of dollars in tools and “magic dashboards” that can handle all their social media and marketing automatically.  However, to make these tools work you need to understand today’s marketing machine and have someone who is skilled enough to set up the content and components properly. Otherwise, the tools will sit unused.  No marketing is done. Lost opportunities.

What I am saying is this: the best marketing tools for your company are those that have been strategically planned and implemented to be delivered to your niche marketing list. Growing and developing your niche list is your GOLD!  If you are not utilizing your list of clients, past clients and contacts, you are missing the boat.  The strategy of knowing WHAT to send, WHEN to send it, WHO to send it to, and HOW to send it requires thought and preparation.  It’s important to hit your target audience multiple times with your message, and through multiple marketing methods.  Remember: your target audience is a passing parade and you must catch them where they are.  Your message needs to be seen everywhere, not in just one place.

Again, marketing that has been strategically planned to deliver your message to your target audience where they hang out, simply has the best chance of success. If I had received your postcards in my mailbox, and seen your emails in my inbox, it would further support and validate your posts that are served up to me on my social networks. I would begin to know who you are and the services you can provide me as a homeowner, entrepreneur, and single woman barely over 30 (ah hum).

Now, in light of what I have just told you, what marketing tool is most effective for your business, and, is it being implemented successfully?


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