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September 16, 2010
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Top 5 methods to build your marketing legacy

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel

…Maya Angelou

How will people remember you? Building a legacy of your own requires your attention to the details that tender service, love of people, and authenticity.  Who are you? What message are you sending to your prospective clients and customers?

Establishing a personal brand will help you find success, in any industry. No longer are the days when all you had to do in order to succeed was be a good salesperson. Today, we need to be better marketers. The marketplace is on information overload.  Information all the time – twitter tweets out the news as soon as it happens, facebook posts links that travel around the globe almost instantly, blogs, diggs, alltop news resources, I could go on, right?  All of this presents a challenge in keeping your target audience’s attention and standing out from the crowd.

My advice is this:

In ALL your marketing – provide valuable CONTENT to your audience
– be human and realKnow who you are and what you offer…the competitive advantage you bring to the table
Know your personal brand
and develop a system that represents YOU – no generic!
Position yourself as a specialist
and market yourself as such to get the business
Be consistent
and ahead of the curve!

In building your brand, you build a legacy that will carry you through a successful career where you will be remembered, referred, and respected!

Begin creating your business legacy by marketing your message online – here are my TOP 5 methods:

1. Post to your message to your blog then use “addthis.com” to share it out to your online communities
Note:  I am talking about valuable content here, not salesy, generic, sales rhetoric, this is a new market, remember?

2. Send a “tweet” out to your followers on Twitter – tease them with a headline and a link to your website or blog

3. Create and post a video on YouTube.com – get creative and don’t be camera shy!

4. Feed your tweets and post your blog and video links to Facebook

5. Set up a regularly scheduled email or ezine for your followers and client base that provides update to your business or industry

Diversify by marketing information across all channels – don’t get stuck in one application, try several!  And be CONSISTENT!


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  2. John Godbey says:

    Hi Sandy!
    I took your advice and wrote a couple of blogs to try out WordPress. You can see it on teacherhomebuyer.wordpress.com. You might tell me if these are the kinds of things I need to be doing.

    • admin says:

      that is great news John and I will certainly take a look at what you have written and give you some feedback…looks like you have been busy!

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