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Humanitarian Photographer Lisa Kristine Set to Speak at 2013 TEDxOrangeCoast Event
September 17, 2013
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #37: Capitalizing on Fourth Quarter
September 24, 2013
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #36: Create a Content Marketing Program to Showcase Your Expertise

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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #36: Create a Content Marketing Program to Showcase Your Expertise

By Sandy Hibbard

To follow up from last week’s tip on becoming an expert in your field, this week I will tell you how you can develop an influential online voice.  Build a solid content marketing strategy using information that sets yourself up as a thought leader/expert in your area and promote it with “push marketing”.

There is a lot of buzz in the market today on content marketing.  It can sound like a daunting subject to understand and take on, but it’s really nothing new.  We have always used this method in marketing, we are just PUSHING it out differently these days and have more places to share it.  In short, content marketing is the focused distribution of YOUR EXPERT information to inform and educate your target audience.  Accomplishing it takes a well organized system:

  1. CONTENT you write
  2. PUSH (share) out to social media and the web
  3. MONITOR results
  4. ADJUST for relevancy as necessary

Imagine a wheel like the photo here.  Your content (information you create about your area of expertise) is the hub of the whole marketing wheel for your business.  Each “spoke” supports the functioning of the wheel (the wheel MUST turn to get traction, right?) and the areas your message is reaching.

The digital marketing wheel at

Before you jump in, you will want to start by writing a strategy that you can easily follow.  Staying consistent and focused is one of the most important requirements in executing a content marketing program, so stay with it!

Check out Tip #12 – Marketing = Time+Imagination+Money, this tip has information that will be helpful to consider before you start any new marketing initiative.

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