Don't Stop Saying I Love You - Lyrics Marketing Tip 16
Don’t Stop Saying I Love You
April 26, 2014
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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #17: Pharrell William’s Not the Only One Happy!

Lyrics Marketing Tip 17 - Pharrell Williams Happy

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #17: Pharrell William’s Not the Only One Happy!

When Pharrell Williams broke his latest hit “Happy” it took the world by storm.  He sang it on the Oscars, on the morning shows, on the night shows, everyone was singing it, playing it, watching it, and still are.  Why has this simple little song received so much praise and attracted so much attention?  Over 214 MILLION views on his official YouTube music video tells me that people  just want to be happy.  That’s why the video features regular people from all over the world dancing and singing “Happy“.  So why not use that as an indication for your marketing?  Pharrell William’s not the only one happy!  Why not share your happiness too?

Use your passion in your business to create memorable, happy marketing. Leave your customer with something that “wows” them, not something that is PUSHING them to making a decision. Instead, LEAD them into a relationship with you because of your expertise and passion for your product or service.  There are plenty of opportunities where you can sing a happy song in your marketing – online, in print, and in person. Here’s my take on it:

Be Happy Online:

Stay away from political and religious debates. Don’t participate, share, or instigate negative, hate mongering, and sarcastic posts and comments.  There is no place in your online marketing for these downers. If you are in the real world of business, focus on building relationships and making people happy with the content you are putting out there. Be a creator!  Produce content that, exhorts, educates, builds goodness and affirms life, and enriches the minds of your followers.

Be Happy In Print:

Make your potential customers and clients happy by giving them something they can keep, something that provides them with valuable information that is fun to look at and compels them to learn more.  Text-laden, salesy, detailed promotional marketing collateral pieces are passé (in my humble opinion), and usually land in the trash can. Save those details for when you meet in person.  Give them something that pops and makes them smile. You want them to feel good about your brand.

Be Happy In Person:

When you meet your family, friends, clients, fellow networkers, potential customers, put a SMILE on!  A smile and a radiant countenance speak louder about you than any marketing collateral.  Be friendly, shake hands, make eye contact and smile.  Be Happy!


Pharrell Williams Happy


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