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Why Not Share Your Story with Pictures on Pinterest?

Lyric Tip #13 - peace Team Make a Stand on Pinterest

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #13 for 2014:
Why Not Share Your Story with Pictures on Pinterest?

Photos remain the #1 thing that grabs our attention on social media.  So why not share your story with pictures on Pinterest?  

Pinterest is an amazingly popular and effective photo-sharing site, where you can actively manage your own photos and share images and videos from others, not to mention get some pretty cool ideas too! As an example, the featured photo in this post is one I pulled from my Pinterest board “My news” and linked it directly to a press release that told the story on what the peace team was doing in San Francisco. It is so easy to make an impact with your photos!

Here are some ideas on how Pinterest can work for you:

Is this the platform for you?
Pinterest is geared toward 18-34 year-old women, but it’s expanding.  If a good segment of your audience lands in this category (hello Realtors!), it’s a good fit.

Showcase your videos.
Videos are powerful in your marketing, and you can PIN them! If you have a marketable collection of video content, use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your website or YouTube channel.

Show your customers some love.
Build and strengthen relationships, highlight success stories, and drive more traffic by creating a board showing off the achievements of your customers.  It’s a great way to illustrate your work without too much bragging!  Realtors, you could have a board on first-time home buyers with cute photos of the house and the new owners.  Energy and service workers, share photos on a board of successfully completed projects – this will illustrate your expertise.

Share your reading and music list.
Share book and music recommendations that are relevant to your audience to establish a stronger connection. Leveraging books that you’ve actually read helps demonstrate your brands’s commitment to constant improvement.  And sharing your taste in music shows your personal side that your audience may not have seen.

Show your company personality.
Instead of salesy product images or a posed staff picture, show your team or service in action for an image with more personality. Action shots help your audience imagine working with you.

Best practices.

  • Include “behind the scenes” photos of your company in action
  • Mix picture and video content with great calls to action to repin content
  • Make sure you have high-quality content pointing to other branded social media sites such as your YouTube channel and Facebook page, and most certainly your blog or website
  • Create niche boards that showcase specific aspects of your business – you can get creative with this one, drill down to the detail
  • Use only the best images

Go take some photos and have fun!




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