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Lyric’s HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Lyrics HOT Valentines list

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”
~ Sophocles

Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been a happy celebration for me – you know, love lost, heartache, bla bla bla.  Then one day I woke up and realized that I still had love to give, that love was as real for me as ever, just different.  We all love and want to be loved.  We want to share our love freely and unhindered with someone who will give it back, take note of it and not take it for granted.  I relearned what I always knew – that love was more than a celebration of feeling between two lovers, but that it is what passes between all humankind – lovers and friends, parents and children, leaders and admirers.  But even still, the VDay celebration tends to have a romantic connotation to it that is ages old.  So steady your heart, keep your feet on the ground and let love flow this month. Enjoy it, feel it, don’t be afraid to show it, for in the conscious release of our feelings is the true realization of this magical thing we call love.  Be unfettered – LOVE!

Love and kisses to you all and a happy Valentine’s Day!

Lyric’s HOT Valentine List for Lovers

I am really excited about the February HOT list!  When I started to work on it, I knew I wanted to keep it focused on Valentine’s Day, so I asked a few guys and gals in my network to share with me some of their favorite things to do or places to go on VDay.  What can I say, it made for some fun texting the last few days and I received over 50 ideas that covered everything from bubble baths to candlelit yoga sessions to flowers and sex (go figure)!  I carefully went through all the ideas, thinking how I would like to be on that date – what is the accessibility, uniqueness, and the fun factor of it?  Can we talk, snuggle, laugh and smooch?   Out of the 50 or more, I have chosen my favorite 10 Valentabulous ideas for VDay.  Depending on your personality, I think any of these ideas will provide a memory making day with your lover, spouse, or special friend.  Have fun and happy lover’s day to all!   XOXO

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Lexus Broadway Series presents Anything Goes! – For the theatre going romantics and lovers of Cole Porter’s most memorable standards!  The Cole Porter musical dates back to 1934 and a Tony Award-winning revival. That revival is currently on a national tour, and it makes a stop at Winspear Opera House through February 24. They even have a special Valentine’s Day matinee for anyone looking to surprise a loved one.

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Reunion Towers New Cloud9 Club – Dallas lovers this is for you!  A night up top the iconic Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck to enjoy the fabulous view of Downtown Dallas, snuggle, giggle, drink champagne, eat some dinner, then GET A ROOM!

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Couples Spa Day and Romantic Night at Hotel Zaza – I love this idea because it’s low key, intimate and relaxing and at the chic Hotel Zaza in Uptown!  If you have kids, get a sitter for the day/night.  When you’re finished with the spa and you are nice and relaxed, go up to your room and surprise her with flowers, make love, THEN think about dinner.

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

High Tea at the Adolphus Hotel – What an intimate place to indulge in the timeless practice of “high tea”.  I personally recommend this.  The Old World elegance of the hotel’s Lobby Living Room provides the perfect setting for catching up with your lover or special friend, adding a little romance to the day. On the menu are beautifully prepared finger sandwiches, scones, and confections. Rich and flavorful international teas complement the afternoon tea fare. A classical pianist plays the hotel’s 1893 Steinway.  After tea, walk hand in hand along Commerce Street, pop into Neiman’s or head over to the Omni for a drink at The Owner’s Box Sports Bar – the night will be up for grabs! Afternoon tea is served Friday through Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Dinner, whisky, poker and . . . – So for you guys who don’t want to get foo-foo, here’s an idea:  Cook a great dinner for your love, set up the poker table, pour your finest whisky or scotch, nibble on chocolates, and let the night roll!  Invite your favorite couple over for a real party.  Turn up the rock n’ roll and blues – loud, who knows, you just might get lucky!

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

When I’m awfully low
When the world is cold
I will get a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

~ “The Way You Look Tonight” (1936), Dorothy Fields lyric

The Echo Room Presents Her Song at the Bath House Cultural Center Songs from the Great American Female Songbook – 1900’s to 1940’s  – Ladies this is perfect for us!!  Echo Theatre turns the historic Bath House Cultural Center into a fictional 1930’s supper club: The ECHO ROOM. Get dolled up, grab your squeeze and step back in time. This intimate musical revue features music from the Great American Female Songbook – 1900’s to 1940’s. Seated at small tables with a live band, a song and dance revue, dance floor, champagne & light food, this will be the most unique Date Night of Valentine’s month!

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Dinner at La Misha Bistro and a Stroll Around the Historic Square – For a great dining experience try La Misha in McKinney’s historic town square.  A mediterranean styled bistro where the food is prepared fresh and from scratch, made from organic ingredients and heirloom recipes handed down from mother to daughter.  The McKinney square is teeming with opportunities for partying and good fun, so after dinner stroll over to Cadillacs Pizza Pub to catch some live entertainment!

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Drinks and dinner at The Library Bar and the Landmark Restaurant – I personally vouch for this one!  Great food, good pours, cozy, sexy, and the best part is listening and dancing to the live jazz and standards being played on the classic grand piano after dinner in The Library Bar.   The Library Bar has been named “the Top Place to Sip and Sup” by the Wall Street Journal, “Best Bar in the Greatest City on Earth” by Maxim Magazine, one of the best “Seduction Spots for America’s Best Bars” by Playboy Magazine and Consistently Chosen as one of Dallas’ best Piano Bars.   Ohh lala!

Lyric's HOT Valentine List for Lovers

Valentine’s Golf Day and Spa – For the sports minded, imaging spending a couple of hours walking/strolling/riding around the golf course with your special person.  Lot’s of time for flirting and intimate conversation – and hopefully a little mugging around.  Since it’s cold, don’t forget to pack something warm and tasty to indulge in.  After the golf date, head back to the resort for a round of drinks and relaxing massage, then catch a car over to La Cima Club to have dinner with a romantic view on the 26th floor of Williams Square.  The view of Dallas is gorgeous plus you’ll see planes light up the sky as they head into DFW – Fabulous!  Good day, good fun, good love, lights out!

Lyric Marketings HOT Valentines Day List

Do it Like the French – Well, that is, eat a meal like the French at Dallas’ newest French bistro in Bishop’s Art District – Boulevardier.  A great neighborhood bistro with amazing food, decadent desserts, cute waiters with an accent, cocktails you can drink, and wine you can afford.  Call for reservations and plan to stroll around Bishop’s Art District after dinner – lots going on there.

Some other fun ideas to explore are:

Karaoke night with friends
Couples Cooking Class
Try out a new restaurant in a new part of town
Go to a Burlesque show
Rent a cabin in the woods for the weekend








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