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Lyric’s Marketing Tip #10 for 2014: Give them something to talk about

give them something to talk about

Lyric’s Marketing Tip #10 for 2014: Give them something to talk about

Every company, service provider, and entrepreneur wants to get a good referral after providing a great service, right?  For many businesses out there, the #1 method of business development is through referrals.  AND, as I am sure you know, the best form of marketing is “word-of-mouth”.  Hands down!  When someone says something good about your service to their network, it is like lighting a fire.  People pay close attention to what their friends and followers are saying about their business experiences.  That makes each of us an influencer to our friends and networks, and an influencer goes a lot further in getting a message across than traditional marketing and advertising.  So, what’s my tip?  Give them something to talk about, then ask for the referral!

Ideas to give them something to talk about:

  • First and most important, give your client an amazing experience with your business and/or service that will make them want to tell others about it
  • Create and handout a postcard/flyer/card with your Facebook and other Social Media urls and your contact information on it – include a coupon for a discount if they will go online and tag you in a post that recommends your services
  • In a face-to-face meeting, ask your customer to go online and give you a recommendation on their networks
  • Take a selfie with your client and ask them to post it to their social media with a comment about your services
  • Offer your customer a discount on your products or services if they will do this – give them something for using their network to promote your services
  • In your monthly invoicing, include a small flyer in the envelope that announces a contest you are running or a free gift offering if they will go online and tag/promote your services to their networks

Ask for the referral:

  • Be honest with your client from the beginning that you will be asking for a referral
  • Give them an out, if they are not happy with your service, you want to know about it immediately, if they want to fire you, graciously let them
  • Communicate on a regular basis with your client throughout the transaction
  • At the end of the transaction (or the appropriate time) ask your client for five referrals “If you are happy and pleased with the work we have done, would you recommend me to five of your friends?”
  • Ask them to make a statement about your services on their networks and offer them a reward when they do (discount on products or services, Starbucks card or other gift or contest)

There are so many ideas and ways to make this tip work.  Again, the most important thing is to give your client a rewarding and stress free experience, something that will get them talking!

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