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9-Year Old Lemon-preneur to Visit Dallas

Vivienne Harr and Stephanie McAndrew Make a Stand Lemon-aid

Vivienne teams up with Dallas-based author/activist Stephanie McAndrew to “Bottle the Movement” and end child slavery

For Immediate Release – From April 5-7, 2013, child entrepreneur Vivienne Harr, founder of Make a Stand Lemon-Aid, will team up in Dallas with area resident, author/activist Stephanie McAndrew, to “Bottle the Movement” (her Lemon-aid) to end child slavery.

“Vivienne’s inspiration and incredible commitment to making a difference shines a such a bright light on this very difficult issue of child slavery,” notes Stephanie. “Having experienced childhood domestic abuse myself, Vivienne’s Audacity of Why Not” has fueled my message of “don’t be silenced” that inspires men, women and children to speak out against such oppression and encourages them to share that message with others.”

Vivienne’s movement began almost a year ago, when she saw a photo in Lisa Kristine’s book Slavery of two Nepalese boys, roughly her age, carrying giant slate rocks with straps across their heads. Knowing this was wrong, she wanted to do something to help.

For the past 270+ days, Vivienne has been out “making a stand” at her lemon-aid stand, rain or shine – and now she’s bringing her cause to Dallas. As she says, “compassion is not compassion without action!”

Although Vivienne exceeded her initial fundraising goal of $150,000 in 2012, she won’t stop until her mission is accomplished and child slavery is ended in her lifetime – one bottle at a time. When her parents said: “Honey, you reached your goal. You’re done,” Vivienne said: “Is child slavery done? Then, I’m not done.”

Make a Stand Inc, SPC is a social purpose company, committed to ending child slavery – one bottle at a time.; Net profits go to organizations committed to ending child slavery.

Stephanie’s memoir, If Only I Could Sleep, is due out this fall.

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