Sandy Hibbard CEO of Lyric Marketing and Design in DallasWhat does your marketing sound like?

Lyric Marketing and Design isn’t about music, it’s about awesome marketing for your business – it’s about putting the fun and effectiveness back into your marketing program.  The Lyric Marketing team works hard to achieve just that – making your marketing experience an enjoyable one and bringing that joy and excitement to your customers.

At Lyric Marketing our goal for every client – whether you are a small solopreneur or a large Fortune 500 company – is to deliver great marketing, incredible service, and go outside the box to get the results you want for your business.  We want Lyric Marketing to be YOUR marketing company and creative consultant – let us do the work to get your name and company established in your target market so you can do what you do best – be successful!

Lyric Marketing & Design is a sister company to our digital design company, Sandy Hibbard Creative, Inc. located in Brooklyn, NY.  Thanks to technology and connectivity through the web, regardless of where you are or where your business is located, we can help you achieve precise results with carefully targeted marketing and advertising.   My team will work with you on crafting custom marketing campaigns that utilize social media, print and web design and email and direct marketing.  Other services we offer are PUSH marketing, blogging, personal and corporate branding, online newsletters, custom and commercial photography and master mind marketing consultation.  Our team of creative professionals not only understand the latest web, social and technology trends, but are professional and knowledgeable about the marketing BUSINESS and what it takes to get your name out there to your target audience.  So, are you ready to dance with us?  Want to make some great marketing MUSIC?  Let’s get started!