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Lyric’s Marketing Tips #38: Don’t be an egghead, put a face to your marketing

Put a face to your marketing Lyric's Marketing Tip #38

Lyric’s Marketing Tips #38: Don’t be an egghead, put a face to your marketing

By Sandy Hibbard

This is such an important part of marketing that I thought it would be good to bring it up for this last quarter in 2013 – use YOUR FACE in your marketing!  With social media profiles being indexed by Google and used for marketing and online networking, it is important that you use a current image of yourself when setting up your online profiles.

In a recent article by Mashable “This is why no one follows you on Twitter”  the writer explains how important your face is to your profile:

“Users are seriously dissuaded to follow an account if they can’t “see” the personality behind it. Don’t leave your avatar as the default egg, an image of a celebrity or someone who isn’t you, [and I would add even a logo] or anything too risqué.”

The best social media “avatar”  is a genuine pic of you and, considering how small the image is often displayed, preferably a head and shoulders shot. Remember: You can get more creative with your social media profile header photo and background.

You are selling YOUR services, YOUR story, so YOUR face is vital to properly representing your business.  We use photos everywhere today to market and tell stories, from Facebook to Pinterest, so start with a CURRENT image of yourself , and don’t forget to smile.  If you haven’t changed your profile photo in more than 3 years, it is probably time to do so.

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