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September 2, 2010
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September 17, 2010
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Going GREEN in your Marketing

Go GREEN in your Marketing using Social Networking: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and linkedIn

Going GREEN in your Marketing is more than not wasting paper! It’s about using the resources that are available that saves you time and money. It’s using online systems.

The first thing I think about when I think “GREEN” (other than the lush landscape you would expect to see in Switzerland or New Zealand) is saving energy, lowering my consumption of energy and being kind to our planet. Expanding that thought is to think GREEN in our businesses – and what better green to conserve than our dollars and our time that is worth money!

Today we are witnessing the restructuring of traditional marketing and advertising methods in business.  There are some companies that are holding on tight to old methods, but I am afraid these methods are ending.  The consumer is online, for everything.  Taking our marketing online to be found by our target audience should be the #1 priority in our business and marketing plans.

So, how do we go GREEN in our marketing?

  • First, look at WHO your customer is and how you can reach them – take your message to them, invite them to join you online
  • Stop wasting dollars on generic broadcast advertising, instead laser-focus your message to people who know you and have done business with you – the WHO is more important than the WHAT (thanks for those words of wisdom!)
  • Establish an online identity for your business and services, engage in social networking, don’t be AFRAID!
  • Think “viral” – your marketing message has the potential to reach many more thousands of viewers online than traditional print advertising.  Viral is simply a buzz-word meaning your message is spread across multiple websites, forwarded via email, sharing and RSS feeds [using Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, and others] – with the right tools “going Viral” will save time and cost little to nothing!
  • Take a look at all those marketing programs you are paying for.  Are they overlapping services?  Determine which ones you are using and cancel the rest (marketing waste!)
  • Update your website to Web 2.0 – collaborate with your viewers and clients – Connect, Collaborate, Content!
  • No more junk mail. Make your marketing message meaningful and STOP using generic “canned” marketing.  People see right through it and will only trash it!  Like I said last month, CONTENT is King and people online expect great content that speaks to them!

With GREEN Marketing, you will organize your tools and resources and turn them into a system that works while you are tending to business – conserving your time and marketing dollars.

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